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TAKATA Lemnos (Lemnos) history began in 1947 as a brass casting manufacturer of Buddhist altar in Toyama Japan. In 1984, the clock division became an independent limited company now known as Lemnos.  Since then, Lemnos has created and sold countless time masterpieces collaborated with designers around the world for brands such as Seiko, Muji, Nendo, MoMA and the New York Times.  Iconic pieces are included in permanent collection at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, and others.

Today Lemnos is Japan’s number 1 design clock company.  Its clocks and products are found worldwide in home furnishing, design, lifestyle, and fashion boutiques, as well as museum and department stores.  All Lemnos products are handmade in Japan by craftsmen.  

Notice to Customers
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Please be advised that most sellers on Amazon are not authorized to sell Lemnos products.  Amazon is not an authorized selling channel for Lemnos products. eBay is not an authorized selling channel for Lemnos products.  Lemnos products purchased through unauthorized sellers and means do not have any valid product warranty or servicing.  We cannot and do not guarantee the authenticity and functionality of products, nor provide any product support to products purchased from these unauthorized channels.  Please purchase your Lemnos products from a Lemnos Authorized Retailer.

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