New Lemnos Chalk – a Children’s Clock

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New Lemnos Chalk – a Children’s Clock


New Lemnos Chalk – a Children’s Clock

Has summer vacation started yet?
The summer breeze, the ice cream trucks, drinking coffee, reading a book…

It’s that time of the year and a state of mind. So let that state of mind be revitalized with the new Lemnos Chalk.  A wall clock designed by Yuichi Nara (who has his design showroom in a small wooden cabin off a rice field), designed for children, but not exclusively for children.

Back in my memory, I felt the touch of chalk in front of a blackboard.
The beauty of the characters tapped onto a blackboard riveted my eyes.
The letters were soon wiped and the dust picked up and thrown away.
The round frame painted on a blackboard color looks into such memories.
The twelve numbers written on it make me feel as if I were back there.

That feeling of child-like carefreeness is universal across all spaces and time.  The Japanese silent sweeping Lemnos Chalk will instill this good feeling when hung inside any baby room, playroom, classroom, kitchen, or, just about any fun and happy place to be in.

The Lemnos Chalk is now available in White, Navy, Green, and Beige.  It is made in Japan with silent Japanese sweeping movement and has a MSRP of $100.


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