Lemnos Releases New Carved SE (Superellipse) designed by Naoki Terada

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Lemnos Releases New Carved SE (Superellipse) designed by Naoki Terada


Lemnos Releases New Carved SE (Superellipse) designed by Naoki Terada

Lemnos started in Toyama Japan in 1947 making Buddhist altar fittings mainly for Japan’s Pure Land Buddhist market.  The time was just after World War II and people needed strong belief in order to rebuild a nation devastated by war.  This the seed that gave birth to now Japan’s Number 1 design clock company.

The time has changed but the brand’s intension to create design masterpieces befitting on any and all Buddhist altars has not.

Introducing the new Lemnos Carved SE (Superellipse).  The CARVED series gives the impression that the numbers have been carved out of the clock face.  The Carved SE incorporates a superellipse, which is an ellipse with a perfect line.

The superellipse clock face, which can also be said to be just between a square and a perfect circle.  It will sit perfectly in the middle of the straight lines between the wall and the ceiling with a curved circular motion of the clock hands.

Made out of Mineral-Based Artificial Wood, ABS resin, and stainless steel, the Lemnos Carved SE is a pendulum clock with a Japan-made slow pendulum movement.

Designed by architect designer Naoki Terada, a sitting Juror of Japan’s Good Design Award, the Carved SE gives the impression of a clock with dial carved out perfectly from a chisel.  The shadows cast by the engraved letters give the dial a three-dimensional effect, while the expression of time evolves with its environment and light.  The Carved SE is a catalyst product of graphic form, precision technology, and fine materials.  It is made by hand by craftsmen in Toyama Japan.

The Lemnos Carved SE is available to order now through ACGS for shipping in April 2020.


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