Lemnos Releases 3 New Concept Design Cuckoo Clocks by Nendo


Lemnos Releases 3 New Concept Design Cuckoo Clocks by Nendo

Lemnos releases today 3 concept design cuckoo clocks made in collaboration with Japan’s leading design firm Nendo.  Previously available only exclusively at The MoMA Design Store, the Bookend, Dent, and Tilt are first of its kind to take the traditional cuckoo clocks to a new level of design and manufacturing process.

Taking on the design concept behind the Lemnos Bockoo Cuckoo Clock, which can work both as a wall cuckoo clock as well as a (bookend) tabletop cuckoo clock, the Bookend Cuckoo Clock by Nendo breaks apart the established paradigm understood for a clock, and infuse it with new function and design.  Instead of the clock being the only center piece of a space, the books being held together by the Bookend now actually create new design space together.  Time telling, however, is not disrupted even with the new form.

The Dent Cuckoo Clock by Nendo, utilizes the negative space of a birdhouse to create the actual birdhouse.  And the cuckoo bird no longer comes out from the usual, center top of the birdhouse, but takes hold of the entire cedar MDF block as its home and chirping every hour during daytime, charmingly and discreetly, from the side.  A new space has been created with the Dent and our perception on design refreshed.

The Tilt Cuckoo Clock by Nendo, just flipped the concept of a cuckoo clock completely upside down.  Why must a house look like a “house”?  The established form that of a birdhouse is now overthrown with the Tilt.  Although the design is renewed the function remains.  The cuckoo bird still chirps every hour through a 3-step loudness setting silent Japanese movement.

The Cuckoo Clock Collection by Nendo is now available to order.  They will be introduced and showcased at the upcoming NYNOW at the Lemnos Booth #3611 in February.  For more product and pricing information on Lemnos products please see your Lemnos line sheets or contact ACGS.


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