Lemnos releases new Paper-Wood Clocks made out of hybrid recycled colored paper and plywood


Lemnos releases new Paper-Wood Clocks made out of hybrid recycled colored paper and plywood

Paper-Wood is a new type of plywood consisting of colored recycled paper and wooden sheets.  This new material underwent a 2 year design and manufacturing process and is officially deployed on the new Lemnos Paper-Wood Clocks in the larger Paper-Wood Line model as well as the smaller Paper-Wood Dot model.

In order to fully bring out the intrinsic charm of the Paper-Wood, the design of the new Lemnos Paper-Wood Clocks has been minimized but with well-cared details.  From afar, one sees the clock with either Navy or Green accent on the fine Japanese plywood and yet upon closer inspection, one finds further intricate details of fine recycled colored paper embedded within.

Paper-Wood was first experimented in 2009 by the Plywood Research Laboratory in collaboration between DRILL DESIGN, FULLSWING, and TAKIZAWA VENEER, a plywood manufacturer in Hokkaido Japan.  With the Paper-Wood, the edge of the clock structure subtly shows colorful and beautiful patterns created from the hybrid paper-wood material.

Since 1984, Lemnos has continued its mission of using fine and beautiful materials to create mesmerizing functional objects to tell time.  Paper-Wall Clocks’ lines and dots are made using precision woodworking technology then hand-polished and assembled by native Toyama Japanese craftsmen.  The colored-line pattern appeared through engraving is a unique expression specific to Paper-Wood.  The Paper-Wood Clocks are suitable as signature design pieces in almost any interior space from a children’s room to gallery walls.

The Paper-Wood Clocks have a US retail price of $150 (Line model), and $120 (Dot model), and are both available to order immediately.


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