Introducing City Pop and Meteor Alarm Clocks by Lemnos


Introducing City Pop and Meteor Alarm Clocks by Lemnos

Lemnos is the Number One design clock company in Japan.  It is the clock maker for world-class brands such as Seiko, Muji, and Nendo.  Today, ACGS introduces the Lemnos City Pop and Meteor alarm clocks to our design and quality discerning customers.  

Designed by Yota Kakuda, the City Pop takes homage to the simple and modernist design aesthetic era of Japan during the 70’s and 80’s.  The clocks feature minimum elements in addition to sharp numbers and lines, with bold and contrasting black and white base colors accented with a red alarm dial.

The City Pop features a Japanese 4 step alarm, silent sweeping movement.  It is made out of blacked-out Beech wood with a thin Japanese glass cover.  The City Pop by Lemnos is an urban and stylish square alarm clock series designed so that you can read the time from most angles.  It has a US MSRP/MAP of $70.

Lemnos Meteor Alarm Clock features a compact solid beech wood body with classic modern and easy-to-see clock face designed by Lemnos Design Group.  Similar to the popular and colorful Farbe Alarm Clock, the Meteor is a high quality stock stuffer great for those who prefer slowing time down in analog to savor the moments away from our cellphones and superfluous information.

Meteor is equipped with silent Japanese step movement and available in Beech, Brown, and Black finishes.  Meteor has a US MSRP/MAP of $70.




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