Riki Watanabe’s 1977 Riki Roman Clock now available from Lemnos


Riki Watanabe’s 1977 Riki Roman Clock now available from Lemnos

Icons are timeless and therefore golden.  Riki Watanabe, the late key pioneering master to lead Japan’s now world-leading industrial design, left many of such iconic marks with Lemnos.  Many of Riki’s favorite designs are made by Lemnos into time-keeping masterpieces, so they can be the design centerpieces in any space.

By drawing attention to the beauty of the linear composition of the Roman numerals, removing the decoration to make the most of the font style, enhancing its delicate sharpness, and striking a balance between the simple hands and the frame, the Riki Roman Clock was born in 1977 and available now 42 years later.  They do say good things take time.

The boldly painted gold color of the Aluminum clock frame might be the clock’s only decoration.

Clocks with Roman numerals have had a tendency to be decorated with gorgeous frames and hands because of their classical image and the uniformity of their straight lines.  

Riki Roman is a golden statement for any space, showing us that any moment can be and is, golden.  Like most Lemnos clocks, Riki Roman designed by Riki Watanabe and Made in Japan by Lemnos will silently sweep in no disturbance to the time and space owner.  Riki Roman is now available with a US MSRP of $300.




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